ENG1001 ประโยคพื้นฐานและศัพท์จำเป็นในชีวิตประจำวัน ภาค 2/64

 คำชี้แจงจากติวเตอร์แบงค์ ก่อนทำข้อสอบมีดังนี้
1. ขอบเขตข้อสอบกระบวนวิชา ENG1001และการวัดผล กรุณาคลิกอ่านได้ที่นี่นะครับ
2. ให้ลองฝึกทำข้อสอบเองก่อน จากนั้นจึงดูเฉลย เพื่อวัดผลว่าน้อง ๆ ได้คะแนนอยู่ระดับใด
3. หากลองทำข้อสอบแล้วผลสอบออกมารับไม่ได้ แนะนำให้ติดต่อติวเตอร์แบงค์เพื่อติวปรับพื้นฐานได้

1.น้อง ๆ จะได้รู้ว่ามีประเด็นหรือหัวข้อไหนบ้างที่ข้อสอบจะออกสอบ
2.น้อง ๆ จะได้ประเมินตัวเองว่า มีประเด็นไหนบ้างที่ยังไม่เข้าใจและทำข้อสอบไม่ได้
3.น้อง ๆ จะได้ปรับปรุงและระวังประเด็นที่ยังจำไม่ได้หรือยังเข้าใจสับสนอยู่

Part I: Structure (75 ข้อ)
Choose the best answer.

1. An essay is a form of writing _____ every student will encounter while in school. 
1. that
2. how
3. when
4. what

2. Which has an “object complement”? 
1. The company appointed Anna the new project manager.
2. His whole body ached after the accident.
3. She contracted COVID-19 from her neighbor.
4. They worked in a fast food restaurant during school break

3. Which is correct? 
1. Will and Chris went to the press conference.
2. Ariana written all the names of her production team.
3. I really improving my English language skills.
4. Then James and I to the theater.

4. The new CEO and the new mayor ______ together on an environmental project. 
1. are working
2. is worked
3. is working
4. are worked

5. Which is a “sentence fragment”? 
1. According to the police, ten missing children were reported this month.
2. Jogging as a way of exercise good for both children and adults.
3. If she told me that she was leaving, I would call a taxi for her.
4. Now it is raining harder, so you can stand under my umbrella.

6. Let’s have a picnic ____ this Saturday. 
1. very
2. in the park
3. secretly
4. always

7. Which of the following sentences contains a “modal” verb? 
1. I mostly work out at the gym.
2. Today is the most beautiful!
3. Sam cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen.
4. You could have helped out more around the house, John.

8. Alan loves outdoor activities, ______ his girlfriend prefers to stay at home. 
1. so that
2. in case
3. until
4. whereas

9. I can't play ____ guitar, but I can play a bit of ____ flute. 
1. (blank); (blank)
2. (blank); the
3. the; the
4. the; (blank)

10. Sunee’s father didn’t let her ____ overnight at Urai’s house. 
1. stay
2. stays
3. staying
4. to stay

11. Which sentence is NOT correct? 
1. She kindly gave me a birthday gift.
2. I lonely walked around the park.
3. We arrived at the school early.
4. Jane always writes Thee many letters.

12. Wittaya bought _______. 
1. a diamond ring for his wife
2. for his wife a diamond ring
3. his wife a diamond ring for
4. his ring a diamond for wife

13. Linda ____ drive a car because she doesn’t have a driving license yet. 
1. wouldn’t
2. might not
3. can’t
4. won’t

14. Ben was not at the store, ____ was he at home yesterday. 
1. next
2. nor
3. then
4. yet

15. My mother is _____ teacher. She bought _____ new computer yesterday to prepare for ____ online classes next semester. 
1. the; the; the
2. a; a; the
3. a; the; the
4. the; the; a

16. Adam decided not ____ the position in Bangkok because he wanted to stay in Chiang Mai. 
1. accept
2. accepting
3. accepted
4. to accept

17. The doctor suggested that I _____ eat less greasy food. 
1. have to
2. could
3. should
4. would

18. This movie is _____. I'm _____ that I chose this one instead of the horror movie.
1. bored; disappointed
2. boring; disappointing
3. boring; disappointed
4. bored; disappointing

19. The hairdresser cut my hair _____ today than last time. 
1. more quickly
2. quick
3. quickly
4. the quickest

20. I saw a ____ of bees in the garden last week. 
1. school
2. herd
3. swarm
4. troop

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